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What is this app?

There have been several scam dealerships reported in the UK. Brego and CarDealer Magazine have teamed up in order to create this app to check the validity of a car advert.

We check the car's registration plate to see if there's any difference in price, advert history, MOT history and more. We've made this app free to help people avoid being scammed.
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We do not store any of your data and we do not share it with any third parties. This app is for your own personal use only and no information should be taken as financial advice.

What is Brego?

Brego is a vehicle valuations and data company, providing the automotive market with vast amounts of data and insight.

Founded in 2019, Brego uses advanced artificial intelligence to predict market trends and provide the most accurate valuations on the market.
You can read more at Brego's website:

What is Car Dealer Magazine?

Car Dealer Magazine is one of the UK’s leading motor trade website providing daily news and features for car industry professionals.

Car Dealer Magazine was founded by James Baggott in 2008 and is published independently by Blackball Media, based in Gosport, Hants. Blackball Media is part of the Baize Group.
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